Monday, January 23, 2012

Sarge's Eye

Crusty Eye on Sarge
Got back to the barn and went down to check on Sarge as Kellie said his eye was full of sand.  Poor baby.  His eye was running and somewhat swollen.  I walked him up to the barn.  He was not his generally peppy self.  I started out with a wet rag soaking his eye.  It was full of snot.  I called Barry and he came out.  He had washed his eye Saturday but it was nasty on Sunday afternoon.  I went over to the main barn and got a bottle full of warm water and cupped my hand under his eye and poured water over and over it to flush the sand out.  I then put the eye drops I got from Dr. Schneiter in his eye.  I also put the meds for his summer sore that Lee Ann ordered me from Dr. Sherwood.  We took him down to his paddock with hugs and kisses.

Barry and I went back at 5:45 PM with a bottle of warm water and reflushed the eye again and added more drops. 

I went to the barn Monday around noon and his eye was almost 100% better.  A little snot but not running or weak looking.  Thank God!!!

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