Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Poor Biscuit cut his face

I wasn't able to go out to the barn yesterday due to it raining cats and dogs and me feeling like the BOTTOM of my shoes.  I have misplaced my keys to my RAV and my trailer is attached to it.  Woo Hoo....I can't get it off without the keys so I had to wait til Barry came home.  We went to the store and then out to see my boys.  I like to see them just to make sure they are ok.  Everytime I think they aren't...well, they aren't! 

Biscuit saw us coming up the ranch road and he was in the middle of the pasture.  He started towards the fence and Sarge was at the water barrel.  When Biscuit got up close I could see he had cut his face almost halfway up on the right side.  Most likely yesterday or Sunday evening as I could see it was healing but looked a little swollen and like it was kinda deep.  Not stitches deep but deeper than a little scratch.  My poor baby.

Sarge was walked towards us and then trotting then cantering.  He is so funny.  He got up there and I hugged them both up and checked out Biscuit's face.  I put his halter on him and I could see he was anxious about the halter touching his bobo.  I told Barry I would go up and get the Triple Ointment out of my cantle bag and he said he would go. OMG he was gone forever and I was FREEZING.  Sarge was all up in my Kool-Aid wanting to be loved on and giving Biscuit pissy looks.  I made him back up while still rubbing his face and then rubbing Biscuit's face.  Biscuit was leaning into me when I was at his shoulder.  He has changed so much - he is such a sweet fellow and wants his hugs and kisses now where when I got him it frightened him. 

Barry FINALLY came back and said he couldn't find my bag - LOL - it was on my saddle!  He said he'd go back and I said no...you have on a better coat and I am freezing and I know EXACTLY where it is!  He brought Sarge some alfalfa and Biscuit was going to have to wait.  Barry took a picture of his bobo on his phone but I failed to take it off so I could post it.  I went up and got the Triple Ointment and some more alfalfa for Biscuit.  I put the ointment on his face and gave him his alfalfa.  Poor baby - it looks like he cut it on wire.  I will go out to the barn and put more ointment on him in the morning. 

I am going to have to ride him in his leather bridle because his biothane one will put the halter part right over his cut.  I need to get another bit so I don't have to change from one bridle to the other!

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