Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What is up with my Saddle FIt?

I have noticed a few weeks ago that the hair on Biscuit's withers was ruffled after taking the saddle off.  Hummmmm...what is up with that?

Then I noticed that when I took the saddle off on subsequent rides that there were dry spots.  Last Sunday the entire bar area was dry.

I talked to Stacy today at Allegany and told her what was going on.  Biscuit has changed shape as he has been getting in shape.  She suggested a thinner pad and take pictures of the sweat pattern. 

I was telling Lee Ann P about it and she suggested I try her extra oval shaped pad that is cut in at the withers.  I think that might be the ticket.  I am going to take that one, my SMX Air Ride and my black wool pad with the purple blanket.  I am going to take pics of the sweat marks and sdee what will work better for the Biscuit. 

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