Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tyrrell Park Ride

Barry and I hauled out to the barn to get the horses.  I walked out to the pasture and put the halters on the boys and walked them up.  Sarge was kinda crusty looking - Biscuit was almost clean.  We loaded up the boys and hauled to the park.  I pulled into the right side of the parking lot and we unloaded the horses.  I brushed Biscuit and cleaned his hooves. 

Kellie, Randy and Chase arrived and I walked over and took a chocolate fudge round I had made.  We finished tacking up and mounted up.  Barry and Randy were just howling at my helmet and camera - hahaha  I don't care.  We went through the woods to the big giant mushroom.  Good has grown since yesterday!  I took pictures but left my darn camera at the barn this afternoon. 

We went out on the bayou and went across the bridge.  We dismounted and cleaned hooves.  When I mounted back up Biscuit started walking before I threw my leg over...OMG he never does that and it was hard putting my butt in the saddle.  Gaaaaa!  We went over the little land bridge and towards the back.  We went all around and to the other side and stopped by the bayou.  We took pictures.

Then Nugget looked a little funny in the back end like his leg was hurting.  Chase got off and walked him and we thought he looked like he was in pain.  Then he started trying to lay down.  Chase got on the back of Elan and Kellie was holding his reins.  We went a little way like that and then I took Nugget's reins.  He kept putting his head down and trying to lay down.  Poor guy.

Finally Chase walked him and Barry took off to the trailer.  He and Sarge trotted, cantered and galloped the 4 miles back.  We walked poor old Nugget and kept having to get after him because he wanted to lay down.  We got over the big bridge and halfway down the bayou and Randy was leading him then.  He did lay down.  OMG...Kellie was way behind us walking Reagan and Chase was on Elan.  Randy was tugging at the saddle hollering for him to get up and I got off of Biscuit and put his reins on the horn.  He just stood there thank God.  I got Nuggets reins and was pulling and yelling for him to get up, Randy was pushing his saddle and finally the poor boy got up.  We continued on with me and Chase driving behind him to keep him from laying down.  Kellie was calling the vet, Barry hauled the Brenderup to Cattail Marsh and Kenny finally gave him a code to open the cantilever gate.  Kellie called me and said send Chase back to her with her water before she colicked. 

He came down the bog road and when he got close poor old Nugget was nickering like - "stop and let me on!!"  We had to turn around and go back to an intersection where Barry turned around the trailer.  Randy was pulling off Nugget's saddle and I hopped off of Biscuit.  Barry lowered the ramp and took Biscuit and Nugget couldn't get up there fast enough.  We put his saddle in the back of my car, Kellie and Chase came with me and Barry mounted up on Biscuit.  Randy was on Reagan and ponied Elan.  Barry said later Elan pulled away from Randy or something to that effect.  He didn't go anywhere though.  He is a good boy. 

We hauled Nugget to the vet and I was praying he didn't go down in the trailer.  We got him there and he was still standing and actually looked somewhat better.  Kellie got him in the stocks and Dr. Pope was listening to his gut, taking his heart rate.  He gave him a tranquilizer to relax him as he was trying to go down in the stocks and kicking some.  Poor guy.  Kellie lifted up his upper lip and his gums were yellowy pale looking - not a good healthy pink color.  Dr. Pope did a rectal on him and said he was somewhat impacted but didn't think he was really colicking. 

I had to leave to go get my horses because they had 4 horses there with just a three horse trailer.  I hauled back to the park and Barry had the boys in the round pen.  They were as happy as clams eating clover.  Randy helped me get my tack in the trailer and we loaded the boys up. 

Kellie said later that he was somewhat impacted and was anemic but doing much better.  He is staying overnight at Doc's. 

I guess 8 miles is too much for the old boy.  He used to run endurance but his health too a slide with his former owner.  Kellie has done so much to return him to health but I think at this time short rides around the woods will be all he can do for now. 

What a day...Biscuit went 8 miles today.  He was a good boy as always.  Sarge has rode over 16 miles this weekend...Go Sarge!!!

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