Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trimming The Biscuit

I paid the board for February today.  That is one thing I don't have to worry about now!  Lee Ann printed the forms for me to fill out for the ride and I called and paid for the ride in advance.  That is done.

I pulled up Biscuit and he was a PIG.  He had rolled in the wet muddy water out there and his coat was filthy.  We got up to the barn and I got my farrier tools out and my bucket of treats.  I cleaned his hooves out.  They were filthy.  I got the circular knife and started cleaning up the frogs, just trimming flaps and making the notches.  I cleaned the upper part to see how much heel could come off.  I did each foot in turn.  Then I moved to the nippers and took off the long parts.  I think I am pretty close to getting rid of all the yukky parts that are left overs from old abscesses he had before I got him.  He was a very very good boy today.  A treat for each hoof, for each process added up to loads of treats for The Biscuit.  I rasped him feet from the bottom and then pulled them forward.  He did just terrific.  Not perfect - but terrific.  I was so proud of him.

His feet are getting more concavity but still has a way to go.   He is still a little tender footed over rocks.  After I finished with his feet I got out the curry combs and curried his coat.  It was caked in mud.  Then I used a body brush on him and then the vent brushes to do his mane and tail.  I cleaned his face where the Furazone and Triple Ointment ran down his nose - I used a wipee.  A few more treats and a handful of alfalfa completed our spa day. 

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