Monday, January 23, 2012

Sarge and Barry

Barry and Sarge went to Pundt Park with The Rockin' R Riders while I went to Ebenezer with The Lee-Ann's.  I get this information Saturday night around a campfire.  Barry and Sarge fell at Pundt when he was helping Kellie get Elan across a little slough that had a red firehose in the bottom.  Barry had already crossed and gone up an incline.  He came back to encourage Elan.  Sarge headed for the steep slope and Barry reined him to the easier slope.  Sarge lost his footing and scrabbled to catch purchase there and he went up and almost over on Barry but then fell on his side in the water.  Barry said he knew he was going over and took his feet out of the stirrups.  Sarge landed on Barry's leg.  Kellie said Sarge just laid there not moving and she thought he was really hurt or broke his leg.  She scrabbled off of Elan and fell herself.  Randy jumped off of Reagan to help Barry.  Barry couldn't get his leg out from under Sarge and then he told Sarge to get up.  Sarge was rocking to get up and his legs were up against the embankment.  It was enough movement Barry was able to get his leg out and then Sarge got up. 

Barry was soaking wet, full of mud and sand and so was Sarge.  But they were ok.  Sarge did have sand in his eye.  Kellie looked at him in the trailer and wiped more off of his face.  Barry took a shower in Jim's trailer - clothes and all.  He was dry before they left the park as it was a very warm January day...thank God! 

I am glad I didn't see it.  I would have had a stroke.  Barry had brain surgery 3 years ago to the day this happened.  More in the next post.

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