Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bluing to whiten the Biscuit's Tail and a trip to the ER

I went out to trim Biscuit's hooves today.  Realized when I got there that all of my grooming/farrier tools were in the Brenderup.  I decided to just give Biscuit a bath and whiten his mane and tail. 

I put him on the washrack and got my Mrs. Stewart's Blueing, purple shampoo and OxyClean spot remover.  I filled up the green bucket with water and added blueing.  I soaked Biscuit down and scrubbed him and then stuck his tail in a bucket of blueing.

I got a water bottle and poured the blueing on his mane and scrubbed it in.  After that, I sprayed OxyClean into his man and tail and rubbed that in as well.  I finally rinsed him off and sprayed Show Sheen on the mane and tail and combed it out.  I curried and brushed him and checked his hooves. 

He was such a good boy the entire time.  I led him into the center and let him graze a little and took some pictures.

His under jaw was full of long hair so I wanted to trim him up with the electric trimmers.  I led him over to the tack area and turned on the clippers.  At first he was a little reluctant, just like last year, but when he saw they weren't going to hurt him he was fine with it.  I was carefully shaving the long hairs on his left side and he was standing there like a total sweetheart. 

Suddenly I heard tires crunch on the rocks and Biscuit startled and jumped on my right foot - GAAAAAAA - I shoved him off of my foot and Lisa's white truck crunched on by.  OMG  I looked down and my foot was puffing up like a marshmallow and turning blue.  I managed to hang up the clippers.  I took a picture and texted it to Kellie and tried to call her.  I thought my foot was broke!  I called Barry and he was taking Morgan's car to have a battery put in it as it had died at Don's house. 

He said he couldn't come right then as Mog's car had to have a battery and he wasn't in his truck.  I said ok...I was going to the ER.  I got Biscuit and managed to get into the RAV and took him down the road and turned him out.   I had my camera and snapped some pics of them.

I went back up the road, picked up my stuff off of the washrack and dumped out the blueing to clean off the wash rack.  I can't remember where I put the green bucket at this moment.  I guess somewhere in the tack room.  I talked to Kellie and she said to have it xrayed so I headed to Baptist.  I parked and got inside and Randy was there.  LOL  I got a blessing out for not wearing boots. 

Kellie thought it was ugly too!!!  They took me back to a room and then answered questions for a nice young man and then I had some x-rays.  My blood pressure was high - LOL  I guess it was the trauma!  Another young man came to tell me that I was a real cowgirl as I had huge spurs on my heels.  Kellie later showed me the x-rays and yeah...the huge spur on the right foot is still there.  Seems to me the one of the left was the huge one so they don't hurt as bad as they used to but they are still there.  Randy continued to give me the razz and Tracy came in and visited. 

They are very nice there and very professional.  X-Ray man said there was a possible crack in one of the top bones but not a sure thing...saying it is a sprain...I like that better than a break.  They wrapped it in a wrap thingy and I hobbled out with Kellie.

I got home and Barry went and got us dinner and I took a hot bath.  It is still swollen and will probably be bright colors tomorrow.  Lesson learned DUH.....WEAR YOUR BOOTS!!!

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