Friday, November 2, 2012

Biscuit is mine for 2 years

Yesterday, on November 1, was the day that I have owned Biscuit for 2 years.  I paid Kenny $$ for him and he has been such a blessing to me.

When I bought him it was to have a horse to trail ride with and it was with a caveat that I didn't want to bond with him until I decided whether I would keep him or not.  I gave myself 8 month to a year to decide whether we would be a team.

When I first got Biscuit, he was a pretty scared little pony.  Very uncertain as to whether someone was going to hurt him or abuse him.  Kenny had never hurt the horse but a trainer had.  I remember the first time I handled Biscuit - I thought he had atrocious ground manners.  He walked all over me, wouldn't stand still when I mounted up...he was ok to get on but then he was moving all over the place.  He wasn't being mean though.  Just needed consistent handling.  He was a good boy and tried to please.

I liked him just fine but I really bonded with Biscuit when we went to Kisatchie in May of 2011.  When he didn't dump me when little pigs ran out from under his feet he became MY horse.  When I first got Biscuit he would stiffen up if I tried to hug him and stand there like a statue.  Now, he leans into me for a hug.  He didn't like hands up around his face or head - now, I can rub his ears and his face.  I couldn't clean his face or head with water - now, I can spray his face and clean him without too much fuss.

Recently, on two occasions, he spooked up and my butt came out of the saddle.  As soon as my butt left that saddle he stopped in his tracks.  Good boy.  He has a funny little personality.  Loves treats...and can really turn on the charm to get them without being pushy.

Lee Ann P told me I would fall madly in love with this horse and she was right.  I am completely bananas for my little yellow pony.

I was going to ride him yesterday and thought I hooked up the trailer correctly.  I pulled out of the driveway and my trailer came loose from the ball.  It banged into my RAV twice, hit the ground and was scraping the road.  OMG there it was in the middle of the road ON THE GROUND.  Thank God, the men with Mr. Garbage stopped and picked it up!!!  There was nothing wrong with the ball - I just hadn't pulled the lever correctly.  I WILL NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN.  Thank God my Biscuit or Sarge weren't in the trailer.

Sweet Little Biscuit

Hoping for another treat...Barry wasn't there to say no!!!

Got a treat sister?


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi! I think I found your blog when I was looking for information on Allegany trail saddles. I enjoy popping in to read as you seem involved in a lot of the same things I am- except you do them more! I've become a fair weather rider in my old age! It's fun to share in your adventures; thanks for keeping it up!
Diana in Spokane, WA

Denise said...

Thanks for leaving a message!!! I like my Allegany. If you are in the market give Staci a call.

Glad you are enjoying the blog. I started it for my own pleasure and to keep a record of what I have done. hahahahahhhaa. My kids and hubby think I am a big nerd but I like it!!!!

Drop in any time and post a picture of you and your horse!