Sunday, November 4, 2012

Riding with Ray and Raymond

Last night Ray sent me a message on Face Book about riding in Tyrrell Park Sunday and I said Barry and I were going riding.  He said he and Raymond wanted to join us.  I gave him directions to the park and said we'd ride at 2:00 PM.  Barry and I left the house at 1:15 PM.  We got to the stables and I was taking the pitchfork, broom and feed bucket in the RAV.  Barry went to get Sarge.  Next thing I knew, the horses were hauling ass all over the pasture.  Barry kept walking back and forth - Sarge and Biscuit were running, flagging their tails and snorting.  What a sight.  Biscuit and Sarge both looked gorgeous.  They are both very good looking horses.  Hahahahahahaha  I may be just a TINY bit partial.

I told Barry to give me Sarge's halter because they generally don't run from me.  I think they are just playing with Barry.  I walked right up to Sarge and put his halter on.  Biscuit came towards me...walked off a little bit...then just stood there while I put his halter on.  I walked them to the center of the paddock and Barry took Sarge. boys love me.

We loaded them up and took off.  When we unloaded them, they were both soaking wet with sweat.  They really heated up running all over the place.  I hugged both Ray and Raymond.  I hadn't seen Raymond in a long time and he is such a sweetheart!!!!

I tacked up and led Biscuit to the mounting block.  He moved...dang it.  I asked Barry to hold him as I can't feel my legs...they are numb and so are my feet.  I got mounted up and we took off.  We went to the right and through the woods.  We then went out on the bayou.  We saw two small alligators in Willow Bayou and then a dead hog.  OMG that was too gross for words.

We got to the bridge and Ray's little stud colt was a little flummoxed by it but he got over it really quick.  Biscuit hobbled across because he had rocks in his hooves.  We got to the other side and I got off and when I hit the ground I had a zinger run down my back.  Ugh.  I cleaned his hooves - tons of rocks in the mud!  I went to get back on using the side of the embankment and my legs were too weak from the zinger.  Dang.  I had to get Barry to push my butt up.  That is the pits.  I can't feel my legs or my feet.  They are asleep.  We passed up the water shooting pipe and Raymond's little sorrel mare skittered a little bit over that.  She sure is a pretty little thing.

We went across the land bridge and around to the back.  Kitty did a 360 into Biscuit at the little cement bridge in the back and Biscuit just got out of her way without freaking out.  She got over it and we went down the side of the bayou.  What a beautiful ride.

We stopped at the back for a short while and headed down the other side.  Barry and Ray hit a canter and so did me and Raymond for a short while.  Biscuit did nicely on his canter.  

Lots of hog wallows everywhere.  We crossed the bridge and the hog had floated to the bank...I am surprised that an alligator hadn't munched on it.  Gag...its intestines were out. Ugh.  We came down the bayou and into the woods and went to the right.  We trotted/jogged quiet a bit.  We ended up riding 8.4 miles and it was a blast.  I was very careful when I dismounted and didn't zing myself.

Ray and Raymond said they really enjoyed it and I hope they come back and ride with us.  I did ask Ray if Sarge always had that soft slow lope and he said that was many many hours of training as he is who trained Sarge.  He talked about Sarge's little funny "foxtrot" gait that Barry has been able to get him into a few times.  Sarge is such a sweetie.

Barry and I hosed the horses off and I had enough feed in the bucket to give them their dinner.  I scraped Biscuit, gave him some treats and loaded him up.   We hauled back and turned them out.  Biscuit dropped and rolled when we were leaving.  ahahahah  he is so funny!!!  

Dead Pig in the Middle of the Bayou

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