Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Barry and I went out to the barn to give the boys a carrot and Lee Ann was standing by old Amir's pen.  Legato was the resident.  She said that Legato was running in her paddock, slipped and fell and literally did a split with her back legs.  Poor girl.  She wasn't able to get up.  Lee Ann P was at home when it happened.  Lee Ann B was there and she said Edgar and Jamie tried to get her up.  She finally got up right before Lee Ann P arrived which was around 45 minutes.  She is moving around but is stiff as all get out.  Lee Ann P had called Dr. Sherwood and he said there didn't seem to be anything broken but she may not be riding her for about 90 days.  Poor thing.  She was walking stiffly but eating her alfalfa so that is a good sign.

Lee Ann P and B were telling Barry how much fun the endurance ride was.  He has always said he didn't want to wear a helmet.  Lee Ann P said you will want one so you don't get hit in the head with branches!!  I think Barry would love it if he actually rode in one.  I don't think Sarge is in great shape to do one but Biscuit is.  I told him to ride in the 7IL High Roller ride at the end of December.

We went down to the paddock and I kissed up my horses.  I broke up a carrot for Biscuit.  Barry gave Sarge some and made him lounge some...must have annoyed Sarge - he bucked and kicked up once.  they are looking great.  Full of dapples.  Sarge had junk in his junk - a huge hunk was hanging out so I pulled it out.  I have got to get those sheaths cleaned - it is time.  I rinse Biscuit out all the time but Barry doesn't do that often like I do.  I don't want Sarge to get another inflamed sheath!

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