Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So excited for Lee Ann and Alissa

Lee Ann P and Alissa will be going to Athens to run in a 25 mile Endurance Ride on Saturday. I am so jealous!!!! Wish I could go but I have a wedding cake to do. I went to the barn today and Legato and Jabarre were on the wash rack. Lee Ann was doing Legato's hooves and I gave her a carrot. She is such a sweetie. I loaded my map holder pack to Alissa so she can put her map in it and other little things she may need. I told her I was excited because at least my saddle was going to cross the finish line even if I am not. If I can get my camera mount off of my helmet I will send my ROAM camera with Alissa so I can see the action. They are leaving Friday morning around 10:00 AM. Jabarre is in good shape but has never been ridden anywhere near 25 miles at a time. Darolyn told Lee Ann there is lots of deep sand there and she will now what to do when she encounters it. Deep sand is hard on horses and they can pull muscles there. Hoping and praying Lee Ann, Legato, Alissa and Jabarre finish sound and in great condition.

I went down to see my boys and they are looking pretty darn good. Biscuit and Sarge are putting on their winter coats and they both are shiny as all get out. I gave them a carrot and they are always glad to get one of those!

Super Sarge looking Large and in Charge
Biscuit Man
Biscuit Man


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