Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Piglets and Golf Courses

6 miles and no backtracks!

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Beaumont, Texas Lee Ann B and I loaded up and hauled to Antioch Baptist church to drop off a wedding and groom's cake!  Then we headed to Tyrrell to meet up with Kellie.  We tacked up and rode through the woods. I walked Biscuit across the end of the mat and then walked back and forth over the whole thing.  Woot!  Biscuit is a good boy.

We went down the little trail and over to the ride Lee Ann and I did last week.  We went down behind the golf course and on the way to Hildebrante we saw 2 small hogs with a litter of 11 little piglets about 8" tall!!!  I was yelling SUUUUIIIEEEE  at them hoping they would move off!!

They finally moved off and we went down to the bayou and then turned left going up towards FM 124.  Lee Ann put Rogue in a slow gait and I was right behind her on Biscuit.  We got to where it was overgrown and Kellie took over.  She knew the trail.  LOL  we were laughing like crazy and we were getting whapped with all kinds of vegetation! We ended up on the golf course.  We went down the golf course skirting the edge and then down the bayou.  We came to the gate down there that I had got off to go around a long time ago and Biscuit went around it but was looking at the dirt or pole funny and swung his butt around so his butt wouldn't be anywhere near it.  LOL  he is so funny.

We got on the big area that leads into the entrance of the park and we were jogging/gaiting.  We had a blast.  We came through the middle of the park and I hit a little canter and Biscuit tripped.  Dang....that pulled us up short.

We got to the stables and talked to a young couple that had a double stroller.  Their little girl got to sit on Biscuit.  Kellie cantered Elan in the arena a few times.

We loaded up and hauled home.  What a blast!!!

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