Saturday, November 3, 2012

Riding with my favorite side kick

Kellie and I met at the park today to ride at 8:30 AM.  I had a little trouble with my bridle - it had been turned inside out, twisted and back around and I had a time getting the bit set right.  Finally got it right and finished tacking up.  My legs are still weak and Biscuit kept moving when I was trying to get on.  Kellie said Elan had picked up Biscuit's little huffing and puffing noises and was doing it when they were at Ebenezer.  Hahahaha  I said he missed his riding buddy.

We went to the left and come around the trail that runs by the road.  Ugh...someone left a nasty bit of evidence of nefarious behavior hanging on a branch.  How disgusting is that.  We went down a little more and Kellie ran into a spider and had a hissy.  If I would have had my Roam camera on I think I would have had a Youtube sensation video.  Hahahaha...we finally were on our way and went down the little trail and back.  We got to the main trail and Biscuit wanted to go right - I said I don't think so dude...we are going to the left.  We went down til we came to the first ride away and crossed and instead of taking the main trail Biscuit wanted to go up the right away.  He normally doesn't like the right of ways.  Got up to the other side main trail and he wanted to go right - Right was back to the trailer.  Hahahaha no you don't I said and we turned to the left and then went up the other right of way.  We came to the pig wallow area and OMG a gas line was exposed.  We took pictures and then called the number to report the pipe exposed.  I had Biscuit stopped and Kellie was behind me.  Biscuit turned around and walked past Kellie and was headed back to the trailer -- LOL  I stopped him and  said "dude...we aren't through!"  He had mosquitoes all over his face so I stopped and sprayed his face and swooshed the mosquitoes away.  I gave Elan a few treats - he was not happy about waiting either.

We kept going and turned right on the trail and headed around.  We went around and almost up to the front and turned around and were going to ride to the first right of way.  Elan encountered the RIP tombstone and was looking at it funny...he took a chunk out of the foliage and it fell down.

We got to the right away and turned left and we had only gone a little way when we heard people.  About 10 or more riders passed and we greeted them.  They were from Houston.  We kept going and hit a trot for a little bit and turned left on the trail.  Biscuit wanted to go out into the main park and crossed the road.  We saw the trailers the Houston folks had arrived in....6 trailers and one had Louisiana tags.  Some were on gaited horses.  We crossed back into the woods and ended our ride with 4.4 miles.  We had a good time.

exposed pipe in the hog wallow

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