Monday, November 19, 2012

Riding around Tyrrell Park

On Sunday I went riding with Lee Ann Br.  Kellie wasn't able to make it at the last minute and she was missed!!!  Lee Ann and I loaded up her tack and Rogue and went down to get Biscuit.  Biscuit was running around bucking and acting like a goober.  I walked up to him and put his halter on.  He is always a good boy and lets me catch him with not too much fan fare!!  He was a little hesitant loading because Rogue was already in there but he went on in and we headed out.  

Lee Ann and I went to the right and down to the right of way.  Wow...Look how HUGE it is now.  You can see where that Pine Tree is on the left side of the picture - that is where the right of way's right side was!

Right of Way is now as big as a Speedway
 I walked Biscuit up to the mat that he had walked over last week.  He was backing up some, raised his shoulders up like he does when he wants to come off the ground.  GRRRERRERERERERE  Last week there were trees right beside it...nothing this week and Biscuit didn't see then need to go over when he could have gone AROUND!  I just kept at it.  He finally decided the new girl isn't the old girl that would let him go around.  He quietly walked over it like a good boy.
Huge mat - Biscut walked over the piece that is sticking out on the right hand side.
 We started down Willow Bayou and look who we saw....a rather large alligator.  He flipped into the water with quiet a splash.  Further down I could see one on the side we were on and he slid into the water too.  I was surprised to see alligators; I figured they had already holed up for the winter.
Mr. Alligator

We crossed the bridge and went down Willow Bayou on the other side.  We haven't been able to go down there in a long time because it hadn't been mowed.  It was a fun ride - the weather was PERFECT.  We got up to the road and it was a TIGHT squeeze around a fence and there was a drop off there.  Lee Ann got off and led Rogue around and it was a hairpin turn around the fence.  I decided to get off too so that Biscuit and I were safe. 

Other side of Willow Bayou
 Once we got around I needed to remount which is hard as my legs are so weak from this dang pinched nerve I am fighting.  I couldn't get on the cement railing post and got my foot tangled in a fishing line!  I finally decided to go across the street and the run off ditch was perfect for remounting. I walked Biscuit into the ditch, stood on the side of it and hopped on!!!  Woot!!!  I crossed the road to Lee Ann and we crossed the bridge and went into the woods.  We went to the right so we could circle the woods.  We went down the little trail and came out over by Cattail Marsh.  We crossed the road and headed towards the Marsh gate.  We went to the left of the gate and down a little and into the wooded area, around a ditch and back to the road by the rest rooms.  We did a hairpin turn and headed down behind the golf course.  We went all the way to Hildebrandt Bayou.  We took a left and kept going til we came to where it was not longer mowed.  Dang...we were hoping to circle it like Kellie and I did one day.  It was lovely and we did see an alligator in the water over there.

Behind the golf course on Hildebrandt Bayou

Hildebrandt Bayou
 It was so much fun!  We turned around and headed back.  We crossed the center of the park over by the old community building and went over to the stables.  Helen and Tina B.  were there and had just returned from their ride so we talked with them.  We rode 9.85 miles.

We rinsed the boys off and loaded them up and hauled them back to the ranch.  What a lovely ride and can't wait to go Friday!

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