Sunday, November 11, 2012

Riding Down at the Beach

Went to get The Biscuit - he was running all over his pasture looking like a million bucks.  He finally tired of running and I put his halter on him and put him in the trailer to eat his breakfast.  Hauled to Kellie's house and put my tack and horse in her trailer.

Off we went to Crystal Beach.  We tacked up and talked to Bryan.  He is such a sweet young man.  Kenny and Russel, Pam and her daughter, Casy Ling and a friend of hers joined us plus 4 other people I didn't know.  We got to the beach and the photographer for the Crystal Beach newspaper wanted to take pictures of us so we lined up for a picture.  It is going to come out in the Tuesday edition of the paper.

Kellie and I headed down the beach - we saw some dead tunas - uck - some dead birds - uck and some Portuguese Man O War's - we wanted to stay clear of those!!  We jogged, walked down the beach and got the horses in the water.  Took a little doing to get Elan in but we did it.

On the way back we cantered several times.  What fun!!!!  When we got back I realized I had lost my phone.  That SUCKS.

But we still had a great time and rode 7.5 miles.  Biscuit was a terrific partner for riding on the beach.

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