Sunday, November 11, 2012

Messing up my forest

Kellie and I met at Tyrrell Park this morning to ride.  I didn't have to go out to the back of the pasture this morning thank God.

I got Biscuit tacked up and mounted up.  We went to the right as Kellie said they had started working on a pipeline project - She saw it coming in that morning.   We went to the right and got down to the right of way and OMG the 2nd ride away had a huge MAT in the middle and tons of trees knocked down.  We had to go around to the left as a huge tree was down in the trail.  We got up to the mat and there was a big section sticking out.  Elan didn't want to cross it - it was about a foot or more off the ground and about 3 foot wide.  I tried Biscuit and at first he just stood there.  Then he put up a hoof to test it.   He put that hoof down.  He tried it again - tapping his left hoof on it.  Then he just hopped up and hopped down.  LOL  GOOD BOY!!!  Such a sweet heart.

We went on around and enjoyed the beautiful fall day - it was overcast but lovely all the same with leaves occasionally floating down.  The mosquitoes were out like crazy and were all over poor Biscuit's face.  I turned his head to me and brushed them off.  We went back the trailer and I dismounted and got out the OFF and wiped it on his and Elan's face.  I squished a ton of mosquitoes on Biscuit and he had blood on his face, poor baby.  I mounted back up and we hit the trail to the left til we got to the right of way.  We went down the right of way til we came to where they were cutting trees.  We were going to cross there at the edge of the cutting - Biscuit got tangled in vines but he doesn't get upset.  We changed our mind and went down to the trail and then crossed over the matt again with no problem.  Workers had arrived and were using a huge machine to push the trees into a pile.  Good bomb proofing today!  We went down the trail and around the back side.  We trotted some on the way back and at one point I was trying to urge Biscuit to canter but he just trotted!!!  My Garmin listed 11.1 mph that he was moving at.  I had to balance myself by holding on some as my balance is not good right now.  It was good exercise though - my legs need it.

We discussed going down to the beach and staying for a few days and boarding the horses at the new Crystal Beach Corral.  How fun that would be.  Hopefully we can make that happen.  We could ride both ways down Crystal and go down to Gilcrest and maybe even San Luis Pass.   That looked like a fun place to ride!

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