Thursday, March 13, 2014

Alfalfa Time

Last Saturday Barry and I drove over to Vinton, La to the feed store to get a bale of alfalfa.  I got one for Kellie too.  I do believe my horses are going to be really happy campers.

When we got to the barn, Barry put it in the barn and took a square for the horses.  We went down to the pasture and they were out in the middle.  They started coming in and when Biscuit smelled the alfalfa he broke into a canter.  Couldn't get there fast enough.

They were sharing just fine until we went to leave and Sarge mean mugged The Biscuit and ran him off.  Barry fussed at him and brought Biscuit back but when we turned our back Sargent Mean Mugger came back.  LOL we finally took part of the alfalfa and put on the other side of the corral for Biscuit.  Sarge is such a pill at times.

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