Thursday, March 6, 2014

Barefoot trimming

The barefoot trimmer came out Tuesday.  It was nasty out.  I went down and caught the horses. They were both shivering so I hooked up the trailer and loaded them in it and got them bags of hay to munch while we waited for him to finish the horse in front of them.  He was working on Lemonnie.  She was not too happy with some of it.  She is so cute.

I went and got Sarge.  He came out of the trailer easy and I put his lead rope around his neck while I lifted the ramp back in place.  Dang that little rascal took off.  Edgar turned him back towards me and I got his lead rope but the little turn in by Brutis pen.  He was a little jazzed up when I took him into the barn and it took a bit for him to settle down.  Mike trimmed his hooves and they were long.  He said he'd work at pulling them back a little but that Sarge had really good concavity.  Yep.  Sarge has great hooves.  He is such a sweetie.  I got lots of sugars from him Tuesday.

I loaded him back into the trailer and took Biscuit out. I put up the ramp but didn't clamp it.  I took Biscuit into the main barn and washed his legs.  They were filthy with mud.  I tied him up while Azizza was being trimmed.  I got to watch Mike do that horse.  So much to learn.

He started on Biscuit and I gave him a little background on Biscuit.  We discussed that nasty crack that always comes in Biscuit's back left hoof.  I told him only once for a short time was I able to get rid of it but after riding in Kisatchie on that gravel road it came back.  He said it is most likely a crena that many horses have.  It is believed to be like a little notch in the coffin bone.  I just did some research on it and not that much is know about it but hoping to learn more.

He said that Biscuit had thrush in the front left.  I knew that am a bad horse mom.  I will get the stuff tomorrow to correct it.  He said that the live culture vinegar is good for helping to clear it up and to clear up mud scratches.  Poor old Azizza has had that so bad.  Poor chickie.  Biscuit gave him a little fuss about his feet but not much.  Anyway, he said Biscuit was landing toe first because of the thrush and that is not good.  After he trimmed Biscuit he was placing his feet correctly.  Lee Ann P said that Biscuit mostly walks correctly.  Lee Ann B came in with Rogue and she said Sarge was being a pill when she went by.  I had to leave so I head out and dang, the ramp is down.  I think Sarge must have been kicking it.

I loaded Biscuit up, shut the ramp for the bazillionth time and hauled them back to their paddock.   I am going to get Mike to do their feet for a few months and pull Biscuit's toe back to where it should be.  I am not an expert and always so afraid I will hurt my boy!

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