Friday, March 7, 2014

Hoof Care

Wednesday I went and purchased Lotrimine and Triple Antibotic Cream today and got some of the active vinegar from the house.  I went out to the barn and pulled Biscuit up to the wash rack and hosed off his hoof to clean it.

I mixed the cream in my little container and then put the vinegar into Biscuit's sulcus.  I did that 3 times letting a few minutes go in between each time.  I then put in the cream, pressing it well down into the center sulcus.  I am hoping this works.  I gave Biscuit treats and put him up.

Friday, Barry and I went out to clean Biscuit's hoof.  I took a little bit of water in a bucket to clean his hoof off as he didn't want to put his foot in the bucket.  I got it clean, put the cream into the sulcus and worked it in.

Hoping this thush is gone soon but his hoof smelled funky!

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