Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ebenezer Weekend Washout

Last week I was sick with a bad head cold.  Ugh.  I was up all night Thursday night with a low grade fever.  It broke around 3:00 AM and I started feeling better.  Barry didn't want to go to Ebenezer but I said give me a few hours and I will be ready to go.

We finally got out to the barn around 2:30 PM or so.  I got the feed and hay together and Barry went and got the horses.  We tried to load Biscuit first and he refused.  We loaded Sarge and then I held the door all the way open and pointed Biscuit in at an angle and he hopped in with no problems.  We left for Ebenezer at 3:00 PM.

We got to the park just before 5:00 PM.  Biscuit came out just fine - Sarge barreled out and hit Barry's arm with the divider.  Sarge is a pill.

I made pancakes Saturday morning and we saddled up.  Dang...we rode about 3/4 of mile and it started sprinkling.  My shirt was wet.  Dang......back to the park.  We rode a total of 1.45 miles.

It started pouring down rain later.  We did have dinner at our campsite as we had the cover over the table.  Kent made his famous beans, sausage and rice.  Kellie wasn't in her "normal" spot and was in site #11.  That is a nice site.  Going to start using that one!  Nice view of the lake and the park.  Nice pens.  Close the the bathroom.

We went to visit Archie and it was still raining.  Ugh.  Rained all night long.  We started packing up Sunday morning.

I wanted Biscuit to load up first.  Kent helped me.  He got the long rope through the tie hook in the trailer and we kept urging Biscuit to load.  He was shaking and we stopped and reassured him.  He finally hopped in.  Sarge loaded easily.

Sarge came out easy and Biscuit kind of ran out the back.  Sigh.  I want to take the trailer to the barn and work with Biscuit on loading in this trailer.

I washed my trailer out after shoveling out the poop.  Put the tack in the barn and hauled back home.   I took all of the food out and the dirty clothes.  Used the chucks to lift up the mats so that it dried.  Just need to get the towels/sheets back in the trailer and ready for the next camping trip.

Barry fussed about the trailer being too small.  Dang.  It is way bigger than the Brenderup!  He said this was the last time he was going in that trailer and he is going to buy a RV and then I could sell The Roadrunner.  I told him when a trailer was in the driveway that belonged to us I would sell The RoadRunner and not a day before.  My momma didn't raise a fool.

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