Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sunday Ride including the Yellow Brick Road Bridge

Sunday March 2, Kellie and I went out for a ride.  I didn't have a problem catching Biscuit and we got out to the Park and tacked up.  I mounted up by Kellie's trailer.  Ugh.  The first time Biscuit moved.  I put him closer to the trailer and mounted up with no problem.  I was using my new crop!

Biscuit and Elan really moved out this morning.  We usually are kicking them down the trail.  We saw a little snake around the bathroom area of the road.  We went behind the bathroom with we usually don't do but did today.

We got out on Cattail Marsh and the horses were moving at a good rate.  It was windy but not cold.  We went down to Willow Bayou and saw an alligator - the first one this year.  We crossed over the big bridge and walked past the pipe shooting out the water.  As we approached the little land bridge, we saw white pelican's in the canal on the right side!!!  Wow!  We had never see white pelican's in Tyrrell before.  We went to the right side and walked all the way to Hildebrandt.  It had water in some places but mostly was just fine for riding.

We got to the back and let the horses graze a little bit.  We went down the little trail to the main trail.  The alligator nursery had a few little babies - probably last year's babies as they were about a foot long.

Biscuit and Elan were being so forward and just fabulous.  We got to the little cement bridge and noted how wide the stream was going back towards the bog.  We rounded the curve and there was a little armadillo.  Don't think he ever saw or heard us!  Biscuit finally noticed him and kept an eye on him.

We did a little jogging going back up to the front.  We crossed over the bridge and decided to cross the Yellow Brick Road Bridge.  Biscuit started backing up and being a goober and so did Elan.  Kellie popped him a few times and he finally headed for the bridge and Biscuit followed.  He stopped just before the bridge but Biscuit kept going and crossed it.  We went around the other side of the drainage ditch and past the pretty pond back there.  We could see 2 alligators and blue and white herons.  We went past the pump station and to the bayou.  We stopped there and ate our sandwiches which I shared the crust with Biscuit and Elan.  LOL  Biscuit was begging for treats from Kellie and she gave him some of her sandwich.  I think he ate a piece of ham.  :-)

We went back across the bridge and down the side of that rode to the gates.  We saw another snake like the one we saw up in the front.  I was jogging Biscuit and tried to kick him into a canter at one point and OMG he did something that nearly unseated me.  ahahahahaah rough as could be.  Kellie said he sounded like he was falling down.  We jogged all the way pretty much to the gate of Cattail Marsh.  Elan wasn't too happy about that but trotting hurts my back and I need to get Biscuit collected up and jogging again.  It is good for him and for me.  We came through the turnstile with the help of a nice photographer lady.  Biscuit was hoping she had a treat for him but alas she didn't.  He had begged for treats the day before and some people tried dog food but Biscuit decided that dog food was for the dogs and not Biscuit.  Hahahahaha  it was falling out of his mouth after he tried it!

We jogged back to the barn, walking some but jogging quiet a bit.

We had a great time and hope to go again soon.  The woods are officially a swamp.  So is all of Tyrrell Park.  It is dry enough out on the bayou but that is it.

I cleaned Biscuit's legs off and we hauled home.  We rode a 8.5 miles today.  I now have 49.8 miles for the year.  Hoping to ride more than I did last year.

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