Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vet visit and working with Sarge

It was vet day for the boys.  I went to get them and they came quickly to the corral and I was able to halter both of them without any issues.  Biscuit is getting so much better.  The corral is the best thing I could have done!

We loaded up and headed for the vet.  I took Sarge out first because he can be such a pill in the trailer by himself.  Doc gave him the shots and pulled his Coggins.  I put him back into the trailer and took Biscuit out.

Doc was giving Biscuit his shot and Sarge started pawing.  I fussed at him.  Next he tried to turn around...not enough room.  I fussed at him.  Doc asked if he would calm down when I put Biscuit back and I said yes.

Sarge quit fussing when I put Biscuit back in.  Sarge trailers really well but doesn't like to be left in the trailer.   What a pill.

I got back to the barn and pulled into the courtyard area and unloaded them both so I could treat Biscuit's center sulcus area.  Lee Ann P came out and I was brushing Biscuit and she started brushing Sarge.  I treated Biscuit hooves and they are looking better but still have a way to go.  I will keep treating til it is better.  I have had this problem before and it will get better.

I told Lee Ann I would like to ride Sarge and she said to start lounging him so I took him in the arena and asked for a walk and got a trot.  Barry always starts him at a trot and then he is cantering.  Ugh.  Lee Ann came in and made him walk.  He actually knows the commands but he was doing what Barry does with him.  I think Sarge enjoyed his little session.  <3

Lee Ann said he had a very smooth balanced canter.  I told her that I would like to ride Sarge and get my body used to a smooth canter and then work on Biscuit's canter.  I want Betty to take lessons and ride with me.  Dang...I could ride Sarge and she could ride The Biscuit.

Sarge is much more reactive but he is not mean or crazy.  If he was ridden frequently he will only be better.  He is such a sweet fellow - he loves all of the attention if he can get it.

Lee Ann told me about this sweet pot stuff of minerals for the horses that is supposed to slick them off nicely.  Sarge's hair is often funky in the winter.  I am going to get this for them.

I did go to 5 Star Feed to get the flat feed pans.  They only had one.  I then went to Mid-County Feed and got another one, a bucket of Nicker Makers and bones for Brutis.  He loves those.

I had brought home all of my tack from the barn and I put it in The RoadRunner.  Barry put the Microwave back in which was a PITA because he had to pull the fridge out to do so.

I have to get the trailer packed for Friday!  Woot!  Going to Ebenezer!

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