Thursday, March 6, 2014

Saturday in Tyrrell Park

On March 1st, I had a wedding cake, a birthday cake and another sheetcake for Lee Ann B and her hubby Spud.  Spud planned a surprise party for her!  How sweet is that?  OMG Barry has never thought to plan a party for me so Good for Spud!  He is my hubby hero.

I got my most of the cakes done early so I could go riding with Kellie.  I left early so I could catch Biscuit with no problems.  Got stopped by the DPS on the way - thank goodness she didn't give me a ticket.  Got out to the barn and got their feed and was able to catch Biscuit with no problem.  I had trouble getting the dang ball on the hitch.  I had to take it totally off and redo before I could get it on there properly.  I loaded up my Biscuit Man and headed for the park.  Got to the red light on Hwy 124 at Tyrrell Park Road and DANG....I realized I didn't have my freaking tack.  I think I am losing my mind.  I called Kellie and hauled back to the barn.  When I got there Biscuit looked at me through the window like "are we through?  Just a joy ride Sister?"  LOL!!

Got to the park, tacked up the Biscuit and we rode just to the bridge so 4 miles.  We saw the eagle!!!  I had to to get back to put the flower together and finish Lee Ann and Spud's cake.  It was fun though and Kellie brought me Birthday Presents!!!

A purple shirt with a horsey slogan, an orange Hags with Nags cap and two purple crops - one with a star!  So with my new scepter, my Queen of the Living Quarters shirt, I now need a hat with a crown on  it.  I am a Queen and Biscuit is my trusty steed!!!

Barry went with me to deliver my wedding cake and I delivered Lee Ann and Spud's cake.  So wish I could have stayed for the party but Barry isn't feeling so well so I had to go home.

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