Thursday, March 6, 2014

Riding in the arena

The weekend after I went to Ebenezer I went to Austin to teach a cake class.  Had a great time teaching the class but the 4 hour drive really did me in.  I did get up the following Monday morning and ride in the arena.  I had missed my Biscuit Man!!!

I saddled him up and put him in the corner and mounted up.  I had a little bit of trouble pushing up but made it into my saddle.  The Lee Ann's were riding too.  I walked Biscuit and did just a tiny little bit of jogging.  I really enjoyed riding Biscuit.

I went out to the barn several times during the week and just gave him and Sarge treats.  My sweet boys!!!

Their hooves are long and need to be done but I am waiting for Mike to come and I will pay for him to work on their hooves.

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