Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rasping hooves and my purple bag has arrived.

Jamie caged the Biscuit for me. I got out to the barn and pulled him up to the wash rack. I put meds on his booboo's on his legs. Sarge has them on his feet too. I put Summer Sore meds on them. I talked to Lee Ann P about it. I believe they are from the biting midges at Ebenezer. I am going to take Yard Gard next time we go. I worked Biscuit in the arena and he did a fantastic job. Hope to transfer that out to the pasture. We did walk, trot, transitions from walk to trot, changed directions. Stopped him and walked up to him and put halter on and took it of. The first time he was blowing and pulled his nose back like he was going to move away. I stopped and spoke softly and stroked his shoulder. I was then able to put the halter on. We did this several times and then he joined up with me and followed me around. I hope that one day he will stop this foolishness in the pasture of not coming to me. Who knows? I am going to keep working on it. I then rasped his front hooves. Lee Ann Brown is going to sharpen my circle knife! Woot!! He was pretty good today. I had to go home and meet some people about a cake and then head to Beaumont to take my computer to Best Buy. All of that took about 3 hours. I came back to the see if Biscuit would let me approach him in the pasture. He and Sarge were standing in the little corral. It was 3:30 PM so not quiet dinner time but Sarge isn't one to miss that! I walked into the corral and Biscuit just stood there. He never once tried to walk off. I put meds on their little boo boos. Sarge walked off from that. The Summer Sore meds stings but it very effective. I petted Biscuit and walked all around him. Picked up feet. He was good as gold. I pulled the mats back into the trailer and then walked back to the gate and Biscuit came up to be petted. I put a handful of black sunflower seeds in their buckets. Nothing from the hand. I stood outside the fence petting him. Baby steps is what I keep telling myself. When I got home my purple "carrot bag" from Snugpax had arrived. It is darling!! Love the purple color.

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