Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finally got my saddle

I got a call from saddle was never actually on the truck. The box was damaged and didn't make it to the truck. The note on the website is "standard". I can't imagine why they would put a message out there that is sure to upset their customers. I went to pick it up and the two of the management type folks came out and talked to me and they are refunding my money for shipping. I did notify Staci and John and they will refund my shipping money!

Thank God the saddle itself was not damaged. It is gorgeous and I was thrilled with it. I took pictures of the box and the saddle. I am pleased with the little hoof is cute!

Ms. Jean comes and looks at it and she likes it and says I can borrow a girth from their supplies. I put it on Biscuit and scrounged up a girth. Hum...seems to large!!! I finally get it on and Barry arrives. I get on Biscuit in the courtyard and he spooks at some pigeons. What a pill. I like the saddle. It is very pretty and it does sit me up straight. Really straight.

I take the saddle and leave it in the tack room....I will deal with the girth tomorrow.

This is LeAnn P.'s saddle...they are similar!!

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