Thursday, June 2, 2011

Saddle Issues and Concerns

On Tuesday I went out to the barn and brought up Biscuit.  LeAnn and I were talking about me cantering while we were at Kisatchie.  She said I needed to get in the arena and canter him.  We were also discussing her Endurance Clinic with Darolyn and how she said that we had too much bulk under our knees with the girth straps.  She showed LeAnn how to wrap the strap once and then got to the back.  OK...we are going to check that out on my Alleghany.  So, I pull up the stirrup and hook it on the horn and am going to adjust the strap and I see this:

and this on the other side:

and this is why:

The Blevin's Buckel is at the same level as the rigging and was literally sawing through it.  I didn't notice it this weekend so I think that most of it came about during the last 2 rides.  I am just so thankful that I caught this.  This could have been a bad wreak!  I called Staci and sent her pictures.  I sent the saddle back to the saddle maker, Eli, in Ohio today.  It cost $55 to ship it ground.  I shipped it in my Aussie Saddle box!  Staci said we would pull the rigging up a couple of inches and they may have to make a new fender - I sent back the stirrups - they were supposed to be stamped and weren't so they are going to correct that now.  My saddle will not arrive in Ohio until Wednesday.  I am not anticipating having it back for 3 weeks.  Sigh.......

LeAnn enjoyed her clinic with Darolyn.  They rode 20 miles at a really fast pace - all the way to Pundt Park!  Woot!!!  LeAnn can drop her sponge at a gallop and Legato was glad to hit the water she was so hot!  LOL  Legato is not a super fan of going through water but she did a great job!

I am not going to be able to ride this weekend other than at the ranch due to work.  I am going to DS Horseshoeing Tools in Vinton, LA tomorrow to get nippers.  Paying $90 for farrier work is too scary!

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