Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Endurance Training in Tyrrell Park

Lee Ann P and I went to Tyrrell Park on Monday to get in a little ride.  Biscuit dropped weight so I changed girths...don't ever take girth end woolie covers both off at the same time as I am not smart enough to get them back on quickly!!  DUH.  I am sure Biscuit was thinking "and you are the brains of this outfit?"  I told Lee Ann I was going to order a 28" girth - the dropped rigging on this saddle makes it a little different.  I just ordered a Jeremiah Watts cinch from Valley Vet - the hardware matches my saddle and it is a mohair one. 

Jeremiah Watt's Cinch

We were getting lots of help from Legato - she was all up in the Kool Aide with her opinions and looking for a treat at that.  I turned my back and she bit off the top of my heart monitor gel and was chewing it.  I almost had a stroke.  Lee Ann stuck her hand in her mouth and grabbed her tongue and she could hear her chewing it with her back teeth.  Thank God she spit it out!  It was just too funny.  She is a mess.

We FINALLY got mounted up and off we went.  We walked about .8 miles to leg them up and then we started jogging at about 4.1- 5.5 mph.  Just a nice little jog and Biscuit's heart rate was around 72 or so.  We went around to about the 3/4 mile mark from the stables when we kicked up the trot to 7.5 to 8.5 mph and got Biscuit's heart rate up to 119 to 125 staying mostly at 120 and 121.  We were moving out. 

We decided to try the canter and Biscuit was trotting and I kicked him into a canter and went a little ways and Legato started bucking so we slowed and started again.  Biscuit was going a little fast and I asked him to slow down which he did.  Woot!!!!!!  Wow wee that was fun.  We went past the stables and asked for the canter again and he did a great job again.  Lee Ann said that I need to relax the thighs so I will work on that Wednesday when we go riding.

We rinsed the horses off and loaded them up.  We got back to the barn and I took Biscuit down to his pasture with the RAV...he was trotting beside the car and moving out!  We shoveled up the poop and swept out the trailer.  We decided to just leave the tack in the trailer so Wednesday we just have to get the horses in the trailer and GO.  Looking forward to it.  The Biscuit just keeps getting better and better!!!!

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