Sunday, November 6, 2011

Riding a little spooky Biscuit

I hauled out to Tyrrell Park today and met Kellie and Susan. Kellie and I arrived at almost the exact same time. I pulled in behind her and unloaded The Biscuit. I brushed him off and saddled him up. We rode around the right side of the woods under overcast skies with a little breeze blowing. Sue was riding Dulce and she was squirting and winking at Elan like crazy. She is madly in love with him. The ground where the tractor and trailer ran for the Haunted Forest is very hard now and cracking. It is like walking on pavement. We turned to go out on the bayou and there were some branches and little logs at the opening of the trail on the bayou. Biscuit stepped on it and started pulling back - and then he did a 180. Thank God I held my seat. Elan and Dulce went and Biscuit was still spooked on going over it. How strange. We went down the bayou with some trotting and a short canter (about 4 strides) and he spooked at a log on the ground and stuff in the woods. We turned at the coliche road and went up to the big wide ride away and then turned left there and went back the bayou and then back into the woods where Biscuit spooked at the logs again. How odd. I had checked to make sure there wasn't bob wire in it. We went through the woods and back to the stable. Dulce can only ride 4 miles. Kellie and I sat down and had lunch while the horses munched on their hay. Biscuit had two bags of hay. One he literally plowed through on the 14 minute ride to the park and the other he was plowing through at lunch. After we visited over our sandwich/Lunchable and drank our favorite Diet Cokes, we put their bridles back on and mounted up. We went to the left and did quiet a bit of trotting. We got over to the back side and all of a sudden Biscuit turned to the right, got off the trail and turned to face Kellie as she came up behind us. He is absolutely hilarious. I like to see WHAT he is going to do. He stopped, lifted his tail, pooped, looked around, then stepped back on the trail, turned in the direction we were going and took off again. Kellie and I just cracked up laughing at him. He is just so funny. We went around and then crossed back to the other side down the ride away so we didn't have to go over the really hard packed area up front. We trotted down the little side trail going at a pretty good clip and then on the way back to the stables we were trotting and I kicked him into a canter and woot!! he did a great job. He was not TOO fast but he did slow down some so I could relax in the canter. He cantered quiet a ways and then where a trail came in from the road, he dropped the canter and started trotting again. I was pleased with his canter - he is trying. He is learning and remembering what he is taught. His heart rate at the fasted when I looked was around 125 -135 at the highest and most of the time was around 100 to 110. He pulsed down literally immediately. I washed him off and passed out treats to him and Elan. Kenny and Traci came by and visited with us which was nice. I asked Kenny if Biscuit had the scar on his leg when he got him and he said yes it was there prior to him getting Biscuit. I told him how Biscuit took himself off the trail today and that he was so funny.

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