Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jingle of Spurs

Barry went with Kellie, Randy and Chase to Houston to get their Airport Ranger badges. I was working on cakes. I was up all night and then had a rough morning. Cakes were gorgeous and customers were happy with them so that is always good. I went to the barn and Barry had just drove up. When I am upset, there is almost nothing like hugging a big soft, silky neck of my Quarter Horses. They always make me feel better. I was standing at the gate with Biscuit at my elbow (he was hoping for a treat) and Sarge beside him but up further. Barry handed me his new spurs and Biscuit seems curious and I showed them to him and they jingled. He nearly had a cow. In a flash he was on the other side of Sarge. Poor guy. I went over and hugged him up. Yesterday Allison rode him in the paddock by the barn. OMG his legs were gleaming in the sun. His coat was gleaming. Finally he has a coat to be really proud of. It is silky soft to the touch without a bit of harshness. I enjoyed watching the sun shining on his coat. Allison cantered him and he did a reasonably good job. She rode him today and we discussed it tonight. She said he was pretty frisky today and she cantered him quiet a bit. She thinks he is doing well.

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