Monday, November 28, 2011

Didn't ride today

I went out to the barn and got Biscuit with the intention of riding.  OMG my head was hurting and my stomach was unhappy.  I felt less than wonderful today.  I brushed Biscuit and got my circular knife and cut his bars.  I am thrilled with his feet.  They are cupping up!!!  They need to be trimmed but they are going concave which is fabulous.  I asked for his front feet and he easily gave them to me to put on the stand to rasp the little crack.  I think in 2 months it will be GONE.  I trimmed his frogs as needed and rasped the front two hooves slightly. 

I told Allison to ride him with Lee Ann if she wanted to.  I just felt too bad.  I hugged him up though. The Lee Anns and I discussed the rode trip and we are so excited!!!!  I can't wait. 

I got my new girth in and will go out and try it on him tomorrow.  If I need longer I will send this one back for a 30" girth. 

I ordered some Cuddl Duds insulated underwear to keep out the cold.  I ordered plum colored ones from Kolhs.  Can't wait to get them.

Biscuit and Sarge on Sunday  -  getting fuzzy

Fuzzy Biscuit

Hummm...this pink jacket looks tasty.

I saw Biscuit just when he was about to chew on Lee Ann's jacket.  I said "Biscuit - stop that and he stuck out his tongue like "I was just going to lick it!!"  LOL  no...he would have been chewing on it in two seconds.  Lee Ann went and got it before he munched on it!!

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