Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Biscuit has a fantastic lesson

I went out to the stables with Barry to load up for our trip.  Allison, Lee Ann P and Judy were in the arena with Lokey.  Judy was taking a lesson in riding and doing great. 

After her lesson she went and got Biscuit.  He gave her a little trash putting on his bridle...he acts like he is afraid of her.  Poor guy...he is always afraid when people other than me handles him.  Well, he isn't nervous really with Kenny either.

Annyyyywhoooo.....she took him into the big arena to work with him.    She walked him around warming him up and then trotted him in circles.  I got a phone call and had my back to her when she started cantering him.  I turned around just before he stopped.  She later cantered him again and he did a really good job.  Still a little unbalanced but he is trying so hard!  She did some leg yields with him and he responds well. 

My boy is doing a good job.  I think in a few months he is going to be simply fantastic!!!  I am so pleased with the way he has improved.  I am looking forward to our ride at McKinney Roughs this week.  I think he is going to really shine while we are there.

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