Monday, November 7, 2011

Trimming Biscuit's hooves

I went out to the barn today - Allison, Lee Ann P, and Lee-Ann B were there. I brought up Biscuit and worked on his feet. His back heels were a little high so I rasped them and used my circular knife just a little to define how much I could rasp down. Biscuit was good but not perfect. He did pull his feet from me a few times. He looks terrific and his coat is slick and shiny. I believe that in 6 months I will have his hooves like I want them...right now each hoof has a little flaw that I am working on growing out. Rasp, rasp, trimming is helping and they are going concave again. I need to soak his feet this week if I can. I plan on bringing Sarge up tomorrow and soaking his feet and then rasping them. We are going to McKinney Roughs next week so I need to make sure their hooves are freshly rasped and they fit in their hoof boots.

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