Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Planning a Semi Primitive Camping Trip

Lee Ann P, Lee Ann B, Esther and I are planning a semi-primitive camping trip to Brazos Bend State Park for December 16-18. We are so excited about it. There is no electricity but there is water. We are planning on doing some Dutch Oven cooking! How fun is that? Right now Chili and my Italian Chicken Soup, Johnny Cakes, and Baked Potatoes are on the menu. I went out to the barn and Lee Ann and I discussed Endurance strategies and handling our own fears and anxieties. LOL I still have some that will have to be worked through. I am not worried about Biscuit - I am worried about me! We are going to train at Brazos and then at Ebenezer two weeks before the ride and then give the horses time off. We think it is a good training ground for the horses. The rolling hills and sand are great training areas. I am very excited about going riding in these parks. The Brazos Bend is on my "want to ride" list for this year.

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