Friday, November 4, 2011

Jogging The Biscuit

Biscuit had a lesson with Allison today.  She rode him in Red's old paddock - Julia calls it the "geriatric" barn - and she said that Biscuit did a great job today.  I came in when the lesson was almost over.  She said that Biscuit cantered 3 or 4 times around the paddock without dropping the canter.  She said he is scared/nervous in the arena - the same thing I have always said about Biscuit.  She seems to understand him well.

We loaded Shalom in the Brenderup!  First we had Biscuit in it and she started up the ramp and then balked and kind of reared up.  I told Julia that I would take Biscuit out and we got feed to lure her in.  I went to tie Biscuit in the washrack and Julia opened the center divider and woot!!!  Shalom loaded up!  I gently moved over the center divider and tucked in the butt bar and woot!  She was in.  Loaded The Biscuit and off we went.  They had full hay bags to munch on so they were happy.

We hauled to Tyrrell Park and tacked up.  Shalom rode there with her saddle on.  I didn't adjust Biscuit's monitor right so it only walked intermittently.  We walked to the bayou and then started jogging.  We got around to the middle and a big tree that has been dead as a door nail was down across the trail - the one that I said last week that I didn't want to be near when it came down!!!

I got off of Biscuit and cleared some of it out - I didn't want him stepping on it as it was rotten as could be.  When I moved some of the tree I found what I think is heart pine knot thingies that Randy told me you would find in this kind of tree.  He said they will burn like crazy and is terrific for starting a fire.  I brought it home just in case that is what it is.  I got back on Biscuit and we started jogging again.  We went around 4 times at pretty much a steady jog of 4.5 mph.  When the monitor did work it was showing 103 heart rate that stayed pretty steady when it was on.  I am impressed with my boy and his fitness level.

Shalom kept right on his tail and was biting his butt a few times Julia said.  LOL  last time we rode with Shalom she wanted to kick up at The Biscuit.  Julia said it was terrific following behind Biscuit because he kept a steady pace and she enjoyed the ride.

We got back to the trailer and I washed Biscuit off and gave him water.  We got their haybags out and Biscuit was tossing his in the air because he had ate all of the hay.  He looked over at Shalom's bag and laid back his ears and went towards her and then turned his butt to her.  I thought he was going to kick at her - lol what a pig!  I hollered at him to straighten up and he did.  He never lays back his ears at horses so it was kind of surprising.   We ate our lunch and then loaded them up and hauled back.

Barry was at the barn when I got there and he had just rode Sarge.  He said they had a great ride.  I took Biscuit down and turned him out and Julia and I swept out the trailer.

We had a great time and hopefully will be able to ride again soon. 

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