Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Allison rides Biscuit

We were going to ride today but Lee Ann P wasn't feeling her best so we didn't.  It was also majorly windy and riding in windy weather is sometimes not the best ride.   I went out there and pulled up The Biscuit.  Allison was going to give him a lesson today.  She started on Jabarree.  OMG he was being a little toot today.  They longed him in side reins and he had been on the walker earlier today.  He behaved longing but when Allison mounted up he started being a pill...he was bucking, wanted to lay down a few times (LOL that is always a hoot!) and even kicked out at her so it was giving her a fit.  She was a little upset because she normally rides through all of that.  We could see that Jabarree was mad...he wasn't scared, hurt, or confused.  He was just being a nasty pill today. 

Lee Ann talked to Mike who has trained out there before, and he is coming to have a come to Jesus meeting with Jabarree tomorrow.  Jabarree knows better than to do what he is doing.  Lee Ann said his mom Lateffe had a nasty attitude when she was young and of course, Sadda is his sire.  LOL  He will have to get over all of this pissy stuff!

Allison saddled up The Biscuit and rode him in the arena.  He is doing better on going straight.  She did lots of going straight, turning in circles and cantered him too.  He drops the canter coming around the end of the arena but she is working on it.  He is faster than a lope and she is getting that under control too.  She showed me how to flex him slowly.  She also worked on getting him to yield off of leg pressure - he will always go to the right but not the left...well, he did today and did it well.  He is progressing and he is willing.  He does tried to evade her sometimes but she can handle him just fine. 

I told Allison if she wants to ride him on the trails on the days I can't because of wedding cakes that she is welcome to.  Avery, Allison's Thoroughbred, is learning to trail ride but Biscuit is pretty steady on the trails and sometimes a girl just wants to have a relaxing ride!!!

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