Friday, July 18, 2014

Alfalfa for my boys

I went out to the barn earlier today.  It was rainig so I crossed the fence near their shed.  They looked at me a little funny.  I took my salve out and put a little on Biscuit and then he moved away and around the other side of Sarge.  I went around Sarge and Biscuit backed out and took off and so did Sarge.

They then followed me into the corral but stood there a minute and then took off.  I was persona non grata today :-)

I got a prescription medication for Biscuit to try to clear up this fungus for good.  I went back out to the barn.  I took out some alfalfa for them and went down to the pasture.  Barry was with me.  They slow poked across the pasture and Barry got a handful of alfalfa and went out into the middle of the pasture and fed it to them.  They followed him back and I was in the corral petting them.

Then I broke out the alfalfa.  I tore it in half for them and put it on the ground.  I put the ointment on Biscuit's back.  Hope it works for him.

I cancelled out trip to Ebenezer.  I didn't want my boys standing in muddy water and us just sitting in the trailer.  I so had wanted to go somewhere this weekend.  Oh well.

We are planning on riding Sunday at Tyrrell Park.  Hoping it doesn't rain!

I am going to help one of Kellie's nurses move her horse from Winnie to Kountz on Monday.  Going to be a busy day.

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