Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Biscuit is progressing!!!

(This actually took place on Tuesday.  I posted this on Wednesday at 12:21 AM) I had quiet a few errands to run today. I had to go to Beaumont to drop off a harddrive box - ugh...I still don't have my computer back. Went shopping for some groceries and then stopped at the barn to see if maybe Biscuit would let me approach him in the pasture. They were over at the water barrel. I walked across the pasture - not making eye contact with them and walking more towards Sarge and calling Sarge's name. I walked right up to them which is not a problem for Sarge but Biscuit it has been a problem. Biscuit was standing right there and I was able to reach out and pet him. Woo hooo....I walked all around him petting him. Picked up his front hoof. Stayed with them about 5 minutes or so and Biscuit never so much as tried to move a hoof! Woo Hoooooooo!!!

I went back at about 8:50 PM.  It was almost dark.  Just a little bit of light left.  Biscuit came from the middle of the pasture, into the little corral, on his own accord.  Sarge came galloping up behind him.  OMG that was fabulous!!

You can still see a little bit in this picture.  I was so proud of Biscuit!!!  I will keep working with him and hopefully this BS of not coming to me in the pasture or not letting me walk up to him will be a think of the past!

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