Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday America!!!

Today is the Forth of July - Independence Day.  God bless America!!!  So glad that I am an American - the granddaughter of 3 immigrants.  Two from the Cayman Islands British West Indies and one from Slovonia.  Glad they wanted to come here - glad that I am an American and a Texan!

I went to the barn at 10:30 this morning.  It had quit raining and was sunshining.  When I got down to their pasture they were in the back left corner.  Sarge started up and Biscuit followed.  I was petting Sarge when he came in the corral and Biscuit followed.  I got the halter and put on Biscuit WITH NO PROBLEMS.

I took him up to the washrack = had to go back down to the trailer to get the fungus shampoo and my rasp.  I wet Biscuit's back and scrubbed in the fungal shampoo.  It says to leave on there for awhile so I did.

LeAnn B had sharpened my circle knife with a Dremil tool so I sat down to do his back hooves.  He was pretty good with his back feet.  The sharpened knife did help.  I decided to rasp his front ones again.  Got those done and took him into the arena to work on our lounging.

He mostly did a great job.  I had to get after him about stopping INSTANTLY.  By the end of the lesson he was doing a great job.  We only worked at it for 20 minutes.  He is stopping when I ask, turning, trotting and slowing down to a walk when asked.  He did have a huge black fly on his butt when we started out and I wanted to get it off with the whip but he was a little scared of that.  I sent him walking and took the whip to the center.  I then stopped him and I brushed it off.  I stopped him various times and put the halter on and walked him by hand...then made him stand there several times til I told him he could move.

I then had him join up with me and follow me around the arena.  I got the whip and did some desensitizing.  He wasn't on his lead rope...and I was popping it around him - back and forth - snaking around his feet, running it over his back.  Good Biscuit.

When we were through I washed the shampoo off and put the fungus ointment on him and took him to graze over by the bench beside the arena.  We stayed there for about 15 minutes and then I took him down to his pen and took his halter off but held him by the ends of the halter for a moment.  I then turned him loose.

He was a good boy today.

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