Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Biscuit is coming along nicely

Biscuit is coming along nicely.  He is doing what I ask when I ask.  I haven't been out there other than to pet him this week.  That I go for every day pretty much.

I have had to keep my grandkids quit a bit due to my Daughter-in-Law having surgery.  I go out there and the horses come in except for one day.  I had already been there once and this time they were near the other gate.  I walked out there and petted Biscuit with no problem.  That is a huge improvement.

Yesterday I went to see them just around 4:30 or so.  They were in the corral area and I checked them over.  Biscuit's fungus area is having scabby skin turn loose under his hair around the hairless area.  I put meds on them again.  I think the fungus is under control and this is just now turning loose but making sure by adding more just in case.  I went up to the barn and got their food from Jamie and went back to feed them.  So nice to reach out and pet their faces.

I had a consulation with a bride and headed home to cook dinner for Barry.  Got that done and around 5:45 PM my back started hurting.  HURTING.  H.U.R.T.I.N.G.   H---U---R---T---I---N---G.

Ugh.  I had to cancel my consulation.  Started feeling nauseated.  Throwing up.  Oh joy.  I talked back and forth with Kellie and then went to the ER.  OMG I had a nasty kidney stone.  I haven't hurt that bad since surgery.  They gave me morphine, stuff to keep me from being sick.  Threw up more.  I was released shortly after 1:00 AM.  Threw up on the driveway in the bucket they sent home with me.

I slept until 12:50 PM.  I had to call and cancel my doctor's appointment in Houston with Dr. Murphy.  I called Dr. Henderson's office and will go see him Monday.

Due to weather I am not sure we are going to Ebenezer.  I would love to go camping but not drag the horses to stand in mud.  We will make that decision tomorrow.

I am feeling better = just tired and dragged out.

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