Sunday, July 6, 2014

Biscuit is 100%

Kellie and I planned on a ride for Sunday morning.  We planned on 8:00 AM because it is getting pretty dang hot now.  I got to the barn at 7:10 AM.  I got their feed and headed down to the pasture.

Biscuit and Sarge were 1/2 way out in the pasture.  Biscuit started coming in.  Woo HOOOOO!!!  My hard work and his hard work is paying off!  Once they got into the corral I petted them and then I went and got their feed.  I dumped their feed and then got Biscuit's halter.  No problem putting his halter on.  Good Biscuit!!!

I tied him to the trailer while I hooked up the trailer then loaded up The Biscuit and off we went.  We pulled in under the trees and I brushed Biscuit off and tacked him up.  I didn't tighten the girth tight at all.  I think the combo of too tight of a girth, his mane getting stuck under the pad and his fungus have created the bald spot.  It is growning hair back and the fungus seems to be arrested.

Kellie held Biscuit while I got on just in case the saddle slipped.  It did not so off we went towards the road.  Kellie commented that it was getting hot and she didn't want to ride out we ducked into the woods to see if they were impossibly wet.

We were shocked that the woods were not wet.  It poured bucked Thursday evening all over the place but must not have in Tyrrell Park.  The only problem were the spiders.  OMG all over the place.  Biscuit and I were in the front and he was sidepassing ok...not great...and I was swatting spiders.   I ended up with spiders on me several times and a few times I was scraping them off of Biscuit.  He was a good boy about it.

We made two trips around - the first one was pretty S-L-O-W going with the spiders and the second time was much faster.  All in all - we ended up with a 4 mile ride.  Half of what we ride when we go out the back but it was just fine.

I gave biscuit a bath and used the medicated shampoo on his shoulders.  Kellie brought me an English saddle pad she had and had never used.  We tried it on Biscuit and it didn't fit with my saddle.  We put my saddle on without pads to check the fit.  It seems to still fit him just fine.  I am going to make sure I do not tighten my girth more than necessary.

We let the horses graze and I spred some sunflower seeds for the little chickens.  They are so cute.

Spider Ride

I hauled Biscuit back to the stables and took his halter off but held on to him.  No problem.  I turned him loose and off he went.  I shoveled out the poop and hauled the trailer up to the front.  I hosed it out and hauled it home.

I will be putting new tires on it this week.  The tires are a little more than 5 years old so it is time.  I hope to take it tomorrow afternoon.  I also want to put some brackets on the windows to make them stay open to funnel air to the horses.  I am going to talk to Danny at Duvall's tomorrow about the bracket.

I went back to check on Biscuit this afternoon.  He came in from out in the pasture which is fantastic!!!  I will be working with him in the arena tomorrow - he had a free day today and yesterday.  I think if I work with him 2 to 3 times a week in the arena we shouldn't have a problem.  I like this Biscuit that comes to me and I am not worrying about if I cam going to be able to catch him or not!!!

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