Thursday, July 3, 2014

Working with Biscuit Wednesday

I went out to the barn at 10:30 AM.  I talked to Lee Ann P and Alison about working with Biscuit.  They gave me some great pointers on working with him and Lee Ann told me about a book to order.  I ordered it and it is now on its way.  I got their feed and headed down to the pasture.  I left the feed in the car.  I wanted to see if Biscuit would come to me - not for feed but because I am ME.  Woot!  He came in by his own accord and Sarge followed.  I petted him and then got their feed.  I got out the halter and haltered him with no problem.  He spooked twice while eating.  Sigh...

I took him up to the washrack and brushed him a little bit and then got out the lunge whip.  I took him into the arena and closed the gates to make it a half arena/roundpen.  I took his halter off and let him walk around.  I then got him walking in the direction I wanted.  Round and round and then trotting.  A few times he didn't do as asked immediately I and got after him.  I walked up to him after stopping him several times and worked with putting the halter up to him and then on him.  Walked him around...over and over for about 15 to 20 minutes.  Not a long time but long enough.  He was sweating when I pulled him out of the pasture because he was hot and now he was pretty sweaty.  I hosed him off and took him over near the pool and let him graze til he was almost dry.

I led him into his pen and took the halter off but kept it around his neck and walked him around for a few minutes.  He did great.

I went back to the barn at 4:00 with their feed.  Left it in the car.  Biscuit wasn't too far from the corral and he immediately came in.  Woot!!!  I took his halter and haltered him with NO problem.  WOOT!!!  I then fed them.

Barry and I went back at 7:30 PM and Biscuit again came in and I was able to halter him with no problem.  So proud of my boy!!!

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