Monday, July 28, 2014

Ava loves the horses

This week I have been out to the barn a pretty much every day taking alfalfa to my boys and putting meds on Biscuit's back.  I am trying to get rid of the fungus for good - not just control it.  Using a prescription medication and hope that this is the end of the fungus amongus.

I took him up front Wednesday and worked him in the large arena on a lounge line.  He did pretty good...he does better free lounging in the small arena.  We worked for about 15 or 20 minutes. This is Biscuit paying attention!

Yesterday we took the kids to eat at Cracker Barrel and then out to see the horses.  Ava is totally not afraid of the horses at all.  She was entralled with them.  She wanted to hug them, pet them and feed them alfalfa.  The horses were total angels the entire time we were there.  They were both so quiet and calm.  Barry and I were right there with them to make sure no one turned around, stepped back, moved forward....she and Kayden had a great time.

Major cuteness overload.  She is going to be my riding buddy one day!

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