Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hoof Trimming Day

Mike texted me yesterday about trimming the horses today at 5:00 PM.  I went out to the barn this afternoon around 4:45 PM.  Woo hooo!  I had no problem putting the halter on Biscuit.  I drove/they walked up to the barn.  I tied them on the washrack and got out the lounge whip and took Biscuit in the arena.

He mostly did a great job today...I had to get after him a few times but he is doing well.  He comes to me when I go to the pasture.  He does what is asked in the arena.  We worked on "stay" and he does that quiet well.  Biscuit is very smart!

We only worked about 12 minutes or so.  Short lesson today.

Mike arrived a little after 5:00 and he did Biscuit first.  I am not tipping his foot up enough to get a good angle so he showed me how to do that.  Biscuit's feet are improving a little at a time.  Still got a ways to go.

It is costly to have Mike do their feet but I feel it is worth the money.  I want Biscuit's feet to improve.

Biscuit was pretty sweaty looking today.  I know it must be hot as a ll get out in their pasture.  I took them back down to the pasture with their feed and fed them myself.

I got a call on my trailer for sale.  Hoping it sells soon.  I wish I had a truck - I would never sell it!

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