Monday, July 7, 2014

New Tires on the Brenderup

I had some medical tests today - ugh.  No fun.  After I got home I hauled my Brenderup to Discount Tires.  I had called about the cost and then hauled.  The young fellow there said I still had tread but I said they are 5 years old and I haul my babies around on these tires.

So I now have Carlisle 205/75/15 tires on the Brenderup.  Barry went and picked it up for me because I had Ava and Kayden.

So, now I am $550 poorer but my trailer is ready to haul for another 5 years.  I may try to keep a log of miles on these tires just to see how they hold up.

I went out to the barn around 8:00 PM.  Biscuit came in to me and stood there sweet as pie when I haltered him.  I took him up to the arena and when I got out of the RAV I noticed he had a cut on his back right leg in the stifle area.  It was bad but dang...I put Neosporin on it and later added some SWAT to keep the flies off of it.  I did spray him down with fly spray.  I had left the vinegar spray in the trailer but I had spray in the RAV.  

I took him in the arena and worked with him on transistions.  He does a pretty good job at going into a trot from a walk and then slowing down to a walk.  Could use some work on going from a trot to a walk.  Worked on the whoa.  For the most part he did a great job.  Wanted to stop once or twice and I immediately got after him.  We did a little bit of the desensitizing with the whip.  That doesn't bother him in the least.  

We went back down to the pasture and I let him stand there and eat the long grass near the ditch.  I took him back into the pasture near Sarge so I could fly spray Sarge.  I tried to walk up to him and he let me pet him but walked off from me twice.  I think he had done his job and good enough.  

I decided not to push the point - that will come - and walked up to the corral....and look who is coming in...both of them followed me into the corral.  I petted him and could have haltered him but I didn't.  He is doing just great and I am so proud of him and of me, too!!

I ordered the book "How to Think Like a Horse" and am going to read it this week.  Knowledge is a powerful thing and I need all the power I can get!

I also ordered this for Ebenezer to help with the fly/mosquito problems.  I will get some Yard Gard and spray the pens down before putting the horses in and let this take over after that.  I don't ever want to see those sores on my horses fetlock area again.  

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