Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stormy weather

I had my hair done this morning.  Lee Ann B does a great job!  She did tell me that poor Suka was put down Monday afternoon.  I knew she was not doing well Monday morning but didn't know they had had to put her down.  So sad.  Such a sweet mare.  She was way up in her 20's and had contracted EPM 2 years ago.  She had been on the meds but had trouble getting up Monday.  She also had Cushings according to what Lee Ann B told me.  That is the 3rd old Arabian that has passed over the Rainbow Bridge since I started boarding there 5 years ago.  Skar, Amir and Suka.  Ms. Jean has always taken such good care of her horses - they have led good lives but it is so sad to see them go.

I had errands to run today and was going to go out in the late afternoon to work with Biscuit.  Well, the best laid plans of Mice and Men!  It started storming like nobodies business.  Blowing gusts up to 60 mph I heard.  Kellie had hail at her house.  I went at 6:30 to check on my horses and wow...tree limbs ripped down, water everywhere.

My horses were out in the field eating.  Biscuit did come over to the fence to me but Sarge couldn't be bothered.  I petted Biscuit and looked them both over to make sure they were ok.

There was a transformer down at Triumph Church and Starbucks had just opened back up.  They had been without lights.  Oh well.

I will try to work with Biscuit tomorrow.

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