Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chasing hoof boots and chasing farriers and going to Archie's

I got up Friday morning & went to 5 Star Feed to see if they had Easy Boot Gloves. They didn't - but had an Easy Boot Size OO. I bought it and went to the barn to try it on Red. It was too small. He will wear an Size O.

I had called Craig several times to shoe Red but I didn't hear back from him. I called Archie and bless his soul, he gave me the name of a farrier and he agreed to shoe Red at 3:00 in Kountze. He said we were welcome to spend the night with him....woo hooo.....much shorter drive tomorrow morning!

I went and hooked up the trailer - that was a trial. Barry had it on the little hill and I didn't think it was on the ball. I went and got pavers to run the car on after asking Margaret. That chick knows EVERYTHING. I went to pull forward and the hitch caught the ball and pulled the trailer forward. I got to the front of the gate and got it put on correctly and attached the chains, brake and lights. I go out to get Red and notice Sarge has a big old scratch running down his side and hip. Not gaping but a blood scratch. Poor baby. I called Barry and told him to come take care of it as soon as he got off. I asked Red to load up and up he went. Good boy.

I drive him to Kountze next to the Crazy Horse Saloon so it was easy to get to. Nice young man shod my horse. They were so sweet. He only wanted $50 but I gave him $60. It was nice for him to shoe Red so I could go on my trail ride. They thought Red was beautiful. He loaded there excellently too.

I hauled back to the barn and put Red in his pasture. I called Barry and told him to meet me there (he had already been there and doctored Sarge) and we could switch the trailer. I loaded the trailer with everything we would need. Extra bridle, reins, girth. I need more saddle pads. We need to each have 2.

We loaded the horses with their feed for the next day. Red loaded up without a fuss...good boy. I don't think I will have any more fuss with him over more alfalfa BS.

We went to the house and I took a quick bath and got my stuff together. We headed out and stopped Subway for dinner to go and then to HEB to get food/water for tomorrow.

I talked to Archie and said we would be there shortly. We got to Archie's and unloaded the God...I could see the Milky Way!!! It was stunning. You can't see the Milky Way at home. Bugs were everywhere. Archie had his little run around Gater/truck thingy and we took the horses to the front pasture and turned them loose. We stayed up til about 10:30 yakking with Archie about all kinds of stuff. He is such a doll.

We went to sleep - Archie has great mattresses!! Very comfortable.

Today is our 27 Wedding Anniversary and I am going on a trail ride. What could be more perfect?

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