Sunday, September 13, 2009

RIP Duke

Red's old stable mate, Duke, has had to be put down. Lee Ann Brown told me that he got cut at the place he was at in Sour Lake. One of his pasterns. Two days later they took him to the vet and later had to put him down. What a shame. He was only 5 years old.

They bought him in February and moved him to Tyrrell Park and he was across the aisle from Red. They cross tied him one and and he started pulling back like crazy and his halter busted and off he went. He did that at least twice. We later moved to PNR and I hauled him there in Rita's trailer. He and Red shared a paddock for about a month and he nearly drove Red insane. I think he just needed attention. He later when out into the pastures. He just moved a few weeks ago.

It is really very sad. I am so sorry that this horse was put down. In many ways, he looked like Red. From a distance,they were hard to tell apart. They both had white socks, were sorrel and had a big blaze down their faces. In the pictures in this post, Red is on the right sniffing Duke on the first day they were at Plum Nearly. The other picture is of him in his stall. I had another picture but his face was obscured by a Starbucks cookie paper. RIP Duke.

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