Sunday, September 13, 2009

Riding Red in the Arena

Today Barry, Morgan and I went out to the barn. We brought the boys up...Lee Ann Brown was there and I met her on the ranch road. She told me that Duke had been put down. How sad is that? I am always sad to here about a young horse being put down.

Mike was at the barn and was working with Sadda! Sadda really behaves well under saddle. He lunged him first and long lined him too. Quiet interesting to see long lining from someone who really knows what they are doing. Sadda was amazing, Mike would make him repeat steps if he messed up. Wow Wee it was amazing.

Lee Ann and I were watching and yakking about trail riding. Barry tacked up Red for Morgan to ride. Red is so sweet. He walks like he is 101 years old when someone gets on that is not experienced. Morgan finally got him to trot and he did what she asked...he is such a Cary Grant...I just love him. Mog rode him around and around. Lee Ann had to scadoo home and I put my boots on and got on Red. We had a GREAT ride in the little arena. He stayed with his trot as asked. Quiet a bit of spur action to keep him on target - gently of course - but Red did a great job - HE NEVER STUMBLED ONE TIME!!!!!! He was sweating on his entire front end. I asked him to turn and he nearly dumped my butt on the ground. I think Red could really cut well if he was taught. We trotted round and round...keeping his trot pretty even...not slowing down and attempting to stop.

One of my brides came to bring back the stress free and we chatted - I was still on Red. I had a blast with him today. I think I am going to try to ride this winter as often as possible even if it is just in the arena. Red needs to get in really good shape so that next summer the anhydrosis doesn't get so bad. I would like to ride several times a week - it is hard during the winter that is coming but I will work on it. If I can ride 3 times a week will be great. I can see my boy looking buff for next year.

I got off of him and hugged his face and gave him big hugs and kisses. He is just such a sweetheart. I picked his hooves. He is good about picking them up. I washed him off - he was really sweaty (oh joy for a sweaty horse!!!) and we took off down the road. A breeze was blowing and he was practically dry by the time we got to the pasture. Barry went in to pick up the feed bucket and he dropped the feed for the horses and then we had to leave.

I just had a blast!!!

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