Monday, July 2, 2012

Beauty Shop Day for The Biscuit

Biscuit's feet have grown like weeds. He looks like he has some bruises on the coronet band and bulb. Cracks have come back and his front hoof was chipping. OMG!!! I went and got him and gave him a bath. I was whitening his mane and tail and it looked so much better. I also sprayed water up in his sheath and cleaned out some gunk.

I was able to do his front feet and he did have some reddish streaks but nothing bad. He has such thick hoof walls but the places where they would chip from a long time ago is where they were splitting. I got it all out of the front hooves. He gave me some grief like he always does and omg my back was killing me. I am going out there tomorrow afternoon to finish his back hooves. Then I will have to start of Sarge's. I took him back to his paddock and he seemed quiet comfortable on the grass but a little tender on the concrete. I don't know if I will ever make this horse NOT have tender feet. Reagan still after 3 years has tender feet. Perhaps not having their feet tended to for so many years has left its effects and that may never change.

When I turned him out, he went a little ways and stopped to pee. Good grief....he was grunting away - I wanted to laugh at him. I guess he felt total relief. He is a good boy...he won't pee on the cement - I think he has done that ONCE.

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